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Expert Insulators in Indiana

Conveniently located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Expert Insulators is a qualified Retrofoam dealer. When you need an insulation contractor in Indiana, Expert Insulators are your number one choice. Whether you need insulation for your existing home or you’re building a new home we have the right insulation solution.

Injection Foam Insulation

Our specialist insulation team uses RetroFoam injection foam to insulate new and existing Indiana homes every day. No insulation work is off limits. Whether it’s new or existing construction, our specialists apply Retrofoam products to insulate attics, walls, rim joists, and crawl spaces.

Indiana Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

Whether it’s a new or existing home you have in Indiana, the benefits of adding spray foam insulation in your homes can make a significant improvement in your home’s level of comfort and more.

  • Strong Insulator. Spray foam insulation is more powerful than most other popular types of insulation.
  • RetroFoam™ is nonflammable (class 1 fire rating)
  • Spray foam insulation has an extended life cycle.
  • Can help retard mold in the home
  • Noise Reduction – keep those noisy neighbors outside
  • Spray foam insulation will assist as water barrier when correctly installed
  • An air tight seal is the hall mark of Spary Foam Insulation
  • These benefits all add up to significant home energy savings

For Indiana homes, spray foam insulation will outperform all other types of insulation when you have it applied by Expert Insulators. The value and cost efficiency of Spray Foam Insulation will benefit you and your home for years to come.

Foam Insulation wherever your Home Needs

Spray foam insulation is one of the best insulation methods for numerous locations around the home.

  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Wall Space Insulation
  • Attic foam insulation
  • Rim Joist Insulation
  • Pole Barns – yes your pole barn can be insualted too

Free Indiana Insulation Estimate

Expert Insulators will gladly provide a free estimate for your Indiana insulation project. To schedule your Free Home Insulation consultation, please call us on (260) 209-0219 today or fill out the request for Free Home Insulation consultation.

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