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Benefits of the Expert Insulators

Benefits of RetroFoam Insulation

RetroFoam Insulation provides sustained, economical comfort

RetroFoam is a revolutionary insulation material with the unique ability to completely stop airflow in walls of your home. RetroFoam expands and forms within the spaces of your walls and stud cavities to seal cracks and crevices without settling or bridging. In other words, RetroFoam Insulation won’t create gaps in your insulation over time like cellulose or fiberglass will. RetroFoam will increase the R-value of your home, keeping your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, all the while decreasing your utility costs. Below, we’ve listed just a few of the benefits of installing RetroFoam insulation in your home:

Benefits and Features of RetroFoam Insulation

  • RetroFoam™ maintains a high R-value over time.
  • Helps to stop drafts that come through electrical outlets and cracks surrounding windows
  • Aids in stabilizing interior wall temperature, making you feel more comfortable
  • Makes the home quieter …41 dB on average.
  • RetroFoam™ is a nonflammable (class 1 fire rating) foam derived from organic materials that naturally occur in our environment.
  • Environmentally Safe and OSHA Compliant
  • RetroFoam’s high R-value and ability to find and fill empty voids means better insulation and savings on utility bills.
  • Typically installation is completed within a day. Since it can be installed from the outside it is unintrusive… No tearing out wall, or moving furniture and no interior cleanup.

Expert Insulators can outfit your Indiana or Ohio home with RetroFoam Insulation, providing you and your family year-round comfort at competitive costs.

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