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RetroFoam Reviews

The crew was wonderful! They were prompt & courteous, and when done cleaned up everything! It was a job very well done, and we are very pleased. We can already feel the difference. That underlying chill is gone, and the furnace is running a lot less. A big ‘thank you’ for your product, and kudos to your dealer.” – Craig and Lori
Since RetroFoam was installed in my house, I can tell a noticeable reduction in noise from the street and the neighbors on either side. As far as comfort, my house maintains a constant temperature upstairs and down with a maximum of three degrees difference EVEN in the winter. My daughter’s room is above a non-heated garage and she tells me how nice and cozy her room is now. RetroFoam was a great investment!” – Brian Kohler

My wife and I have 6 window AC units we have run through the summer months for the last 12 years. We turned them on in the early morning and ran them all day till about 10 PM. We contacted Retrofoam of Toledo this past spring and Rod gave us a fair estimate and details of what was to be done. Their crew showed up on time and completed the work in one day. The very first thing we noticed on day one was the quiet. We live close to a very busy road and had become used to the constant noise. Now it is so quiet. When we open the door it surprises us that a car is going by the house.

This is now 27 June 2012. Ohio is in a bit of a heat wave. The house is still somewhat chilly from the night air (We sleep with the windows open) Outside it is pushing 88 degrees. No AC units are running. We will turn only 2 on around 4PM. We will run them until around 7 PM. We find ourselves talking about the foam insulation around the dinner table 2 or 3 times a week. (I know…we need a better hobby) but we are so very amazed at the difference. Our only regret is that we waited 12 years to do it. I’m sure our power bills will be reduced enough to cover the cost in a short time.

We have received many notices from the power company telling us we are using much more electricity than our neighbors are. I’m sure we will get no more of them. I find myself looking forward to winter. The house is so quiet and feels very snug. Retrofoam of Toledo has been the very best investment in our home we have ever made. Thank you all so very much for a job well done. I hope this letter can be an encouragement to any future potential customers. Ted Vail

I want to just write a brief note to thank Retrofoam of Toledo. The staff was very informative and welcomed my many questions. They kindly answered them. I had an energy audit performed on our home about a year ago from another local company. But, their follow up was very poor. And they seem uninterested in actually performing their quoted work. As it turns out, I am glad I waited because Retrofoam is a much better product and it is much less disruptive. And their service is both very effective and competitively priced. They came in and performed the service as quoted. They cleaned up completely. I recommend Retrofoam of Toledo for your insulating needs (especially for brick homes like ours!).” – Tom Rice
To all of my friends and family you have read how cold my house is everyday!!! That is completely fixed thanks to Expert Insulators!!! I woke up this morning with my house being 20 degrees warmer!! If you are looking to warm up a drafty house or save money on heating cost Call today for a free estimate!! I know what I spent on it will be made up within a year!!! I am soooo completely amazed with the whole experence words can not describe!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
You guys did such an amazing job!!! I woke up in the night kicking blankets off!!!! Woohoo!!! My house was 20 degrees warmer this morning YES i said 20!!! Even my kids woke up saying WOW it is warm in here!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks so much for your wonderful work!! SOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!” – Alyssia Socie via FaceBook

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